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Laptop Repair Sydney provides Repair services for your laptops, Macbook pro, MacBook Air, tablets, notebooks, and galaxy note, we can fix the lot.

Our experienced technicians can handle everything from on the spot LCD screen replacement, reformatting, data recovery and migration to extensive repairs. Don’t trust just anyone with your gadget repairs.

Trust the experts at LaptopRepair.Sydney. Our experienced technicians are extensively trained on gadget repairs, all makes and models.

We are here to help you get back online and keep your e-life on track, book a repair with us today.

Laptop Repair Sydney NSW

Laptop Repair Sydney stands behind the work we do. We have serviced more than 30000 customers over the last 15 years and counting. Most are return customer and use our services time and again.

We contribute our bit to make our customer’s lives easier by reducing the repair stress. Our team can provide you with the technology and solutions to meet your needs. We have specialized diagnostic equipment and software to perform hundreds of tests in seconds. Click on the blue icons below to learn more of the services listed.

Our Repair Services


Apple MAC or PC, fast and reliable laptop repair service, we repair all makes and models and all parts, quality workmanship


Quality repair and parts for Apple iPad(TM) and Samsung Galaxy(TM) tablets.


We provide on the spot laptop screen repair, within 30 minutes your laptop will be ready to use again.


Migrate your data from old to new device or recover data from a faulty hard drive


Door to door Laptop, tablet Repair Service, we will pickup and return your device in the shortest time possible



LaptopRepair.Sydney is an IT Tools subsidiary, IT Tools PL has been in the repair and spare parts industry for more 15 years. Laptop Repair Sydney provides services to public, government, corporate and education. With the power of “in stock” spares we can get you back online in no time for most laptop models. We stock around 200 000 parts in our Sydney warehouse.


John Arnold Reid
John Arnold Reid
They are awesome high recommended for a laptop repair service in Sydney. My MacBook pro was fixed in just 45 min thanks!
Gerard Hogan
Gerard Hogan
First rate work coupled with friendly, speedy service. Way more could you ask for? Have been very happy over multiple visits!
Peter Lord
Peter Lord
Quoted fair price and repair done next day fantastic service Recommend anytime
Jillian Keaton
Jillian Keaton
They were refer to me by my friend for a Macbook Pro repair in Sydney. it was a fast & quality laptop repair service highly recommended thanks guys!
Brooke John Leary
Brooke John Leary
I had a MacBook Pro repair service to them and i am very satisfied with the results very fast and quality services. highly recommended thanks guys!
N Armstrong
N Armstrong
Very professional company. Had two laptops ( Toshiba Z & HP Spectre). Toshiba original battery fully charged only lasted 30 min and HP laptop battery had swollen, bending keyboard and outside cover. Called Laptop Repair, paid to order 2 batteries and was told to wait up to 2 weeks for batteries to arrive. Three days later received email and text to come in. I made an appointment before arriving to install whilst I waited. Both batteries replaced in thirty minutes. Paid for services work which was reasonably priced. Professional, polite and very prompt. Well done. Thank you
Con Argiratos
Con Argiratos
Very prompt and reliable service.
Arjun Wodeyar
Arjun Wodeyar
Fantastic service and etremely happy with the way they guys handled my problem. I would like to add some more info about the job and my overall experience as I feel this could be helpful for someone in my position (which I will describe below !) 1. This was my first time trying to some work done on my personal laptop 2. For context, I own a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 latop and I managed to dislodge the laptop hindge with the LCD panel (see attached picture) 3. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say I am a 6 when it comes to DIY problem solving (10 being very good) - I have assmbled gaming PCs in the past and have a fair knowledge of how to get around desktop hard. 4. I had a quick look on the internet to see if this is an issue I can fix myself - Ultimately I came to the conclusion that this sat in a bucket where I would need external help (parly because this requried parts needed to be sourced from China + the work involved to fix it probably was a bit too technical) 5. I had look online and rang a couple places to inquire on indicative process and costings - These were my takeaways 1) With exception of these guys most of the shops I called were either quick to put down the phone, close lipped in terms of process (they were also close lipped in terms of costings but I can understand that as they need to physically see the latop to diagnose) - In short most were rude 2) Laptop Repairs offered to have a look at some images via email in advance but ultimately said they needed to see the laptop in store to assess (I liked how they were alteast trying to be flexible) 3) Most other stores had a very "Come if you want" style attitude which didn't sit right with me 6. I took my laptop into the Laptop Repair Sydney shop for an inspection, the guys were quick to give me a quote and estimated timeline. 7. The part needed to be ordered from overseas and the guys called me straight away when it arrived in the shop 8. Handed in my latop on a Friday afternoon and by Monday it was fixed ! (see images attached) Laptop Repair Sydney also offer a pickup and delivery service as I understand which may be helpful for others. Thanks for your help - 100% recommended !

Laptop Repair Sydney provide Repair services for your laptops, Macbook pro, iPad, tablets, notebooks, and galaxy note, we can fix the lot. 

Our experienced technicians can handle everything from on the spot LCD screen replacement, reformatting, data recovery and migration to extensive repairs. 


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