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Whatever the reasons are, what we want to know is how can we repair it?


Is it repairable? Does it need replacement? If yes, how can I replace it?


We will give simple instructions on how an Asus Laptop Screen Replacement is done.


If you are not experienced or not confident enough to try this, we recommend bringing it to a professional laptop technician.

Laptop Screen Replacement Sydney NSW

8 Steps in Replacing Asus Laptop Screen Replacement

1. Turn off your laptop, unplug the power cable, close the laptop and remove the battery. This step is very important for your safety.

2. Locate all the stickers and screws on the bezel surrounding the screen and remove them. Make sure to remember where those screws are located if they have different sizes and Please do not apply excessive pressure when removing the screws.

3. Separate the bezel from the screen by gently prying it off at the sides and corners. Take your time in doing this so you will not damage the bezel and have to buy a new one.


4. Remove the LCD Screen by removing the screws and the adhesive tape that holds the screen in place.


5. Disconnect the connection cables of the screen. If there is another tape, remove it before separating the connectors. Do not twist it, just apply even pressure when pulling.

6. Now it is time to put your new screen, connect the cables, secure it with the screws and adhesive tape to hold the screen in place.


7. Reattach the bezel, screws, stickers and make sure it is properly aligned on the display housing.


8. Insert the battery and power it on. It is recommended to update BIOS and drivers after installing a new screen. Once done updating, now it is time to check the display quality of your new screen and test if there’s other defects or errors that will occur.



That’s it! If you already have experience in replacing screens with other devices, these steps are quite simple for you. But if not, again, we recommend bringing your laptop to a repair service company and have it done by a professional.

Laptop Repair Service in Australia that you call

In cases, like you do not want to try replacing it by yourself or something went wrong while replacing it, seeking professional help is advisable. Find a certified technician that knows the brand of the computer well, is trained and experienced working with this. One of the leading Repair services in Sydney is the Laptop Repair Sydney.


ASUS Laptop Screen Replacement Sydney NSW

We provide services for Laptops, MacBooks, iPad, Tablets, notebooks, and galaxy notes. We have experienced technicians that are extensively trained to handle repairs from Screen replacement, reformatting, data recovery, and migration to extensive repairs. You can contact us by email, phone, fax, or even live chat.


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