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How much is a screen repair for a laptop

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
Gurjashow much is a screen repair for a laptop
Renelaptop model please
GurjasHp Pavilion 360
Renecan i get the serial?
Gurjasi don’t know what the serial is
Reneserial number found this at base
bottom base
or if you have the complete model?
convertible 14
you there
Renethere should be a model number 
please provide model number or serial or the product ID
Renethanks.. let me check this
Touch screen repair @ $440
$40 with pickup and return (optional)
Gurjasnot bad
how about the usb insert
Reneusb port? let me check
Gurjasyes a usb port
does this chat cost money
or is it free
Reneit’s free 🙂
Gurjasoh ok
Renedoes this usb port beside the Audio jacks / port?
Reneusb port board with Audio – they comes in one board. repair @ $150 (part ETA 3-4 weeks)
Gurjashoe about the cover of the laptop
Renewhat cover? lcd cover? base cover? or the cover with keyboard?
Gurjaslcd cover
Renebehind lcd right?
Rene$190 includes part and repair
Part ETA 3-4 weeks
can you tell me a good repair shop in melbourne
Renesorry no idea.. we are just in kingsgrove
C7 / 13-15 Forrester Street, Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208
we do pickup and return AU wide
Gurjasoh ok
thanks alot