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Laptop motherboard repair

To book a laptop motherboard repair from $400 please call us on
02 8081 2555 or click here to book online.

Does it work? When done by a motherboard level repair pro, YES.

When your laptop stops turning on, spilled some liquid on the keyboard or you are seeing lines on the screen, very possibly you have a motherboard problem. Repairing the motherboard / logicboard is doable by component level technician using special equipment.

Repairing a motherboard can cost anywhere between $300 – $900 depends on what is wrong with the board. A liquid damage which may damage more than just a motherboard can be costly.  When the price jumps $500 mark (depends how much and when the device was purchased) I would say it is not worth the hassle. Better invest the funds towards a new device, unless you paid $5000 for new Macbook Pro or a gaming ASUS, MSI or DELL Laptop.

When repairing some components on the logicboard, it is very likely that the repaired part will not last long if not done properly. If not the repaired board may last 2, 3 or 4 months ONLY. Make sure you motherboard level repair tech is a PRO.

benefits of repairing the motherboard is you get to use your laptop with the same program again, also you get to access your data / programs that you may not be unable to access from another device.

Why too expensive?
Motherboards are the main component on any device. Connecting all the other components together. Even though in my opinion, a mother board costs less than US $100 to manufacture.  Laptop, smart phone and tablet manufacturer sell them at a premium price. I have seen motherboards selling for $1400 + installation. This gives the motherboard repair technicians a room to charge more. If it costs $800 new, I can charge $500 to repair it.

In a nut shell, if the laptop is worth less than $800 and is 1+ years old, investing the money towards a new laptop will be wiser. On the other hand if the laptop is worth $1500+ then spending few hundred dollar to repair the motherboard is not a bad idea considering the value of your programs / data.

To get a quote on laptop motherboard repair / replacement please call us on 02 8081 2555 or click here to book online.