iPad Air Broken Screen – Repaired Recently

ipad cracked screen repair

iPad Air Broken Screen Recently Repaired This iPad Air / 5 had a cracked glass, out professional technicians replaced the glass with top quality spare part and workmanship. Repaired iPad screens / touch covers with 12 months warranty. Worry no more if you have an iPad Air broken screen, pick the phone now and call us […]

iPad air Battery Life: Maintenance, Tips for Long Lasting Use

iPad air Battery Life: Maintenance, Tips for Long Lasting Use Just like the iPhone, there’s nothing more annoying than running out of battery power on your iPad. It always happens at the worst possible moment as well like when you’re on a train and you’ve got at least half an hour of the commute remaining, […]

Apple iPad: Maintenance, Care Tips, Guides for Efficient Use

Just like the days when people relied on desktop computers, more and more people have come to rely on their iPhones or iPads. With that increased reliance and dependency comes the risk of something going wrong with the technology. Given most people would be sunk without their technology, it’s essential that people look after their […]

iPad: Why an iPads are better than the Kindle

The Kindle was introduced in November of 2007, just a few months after the first ever iPhone was released. Back when the Kindle was released it was a major innovation for its time. Gone were the days when you would need to carry around books. Gone were the days when you’d go to the library […]

iPads: Has the iPad helped your child learn?

These days you’d struggle to find a school that still uses books. Most modern schools and universities have adopted new technologies. In particular, they have adopted to iPads and other tablets like the Samsung Note, Microsoft Surface or others. So just how have these devices gone from not being used at all, to being a […]

What are the benefits of Apple iPads in the classroom?

Apple iPads: Emergence of Technology Technology has changed considerably over the last few years with the increasing emergence of Apple iPads. iPads have been labelled as convenient and an excellent learning device by many. Some schools even actively promote and require that their students use them for classes. There are so many advantages to doing […]

Five app types you need on your iPhone

Everyone these days has a smartphone and most people are surgically attached to them, and wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Most people use them for calls, social media and the music and TV, apps, but were you aware of other applications? There are so many applications that will make your life easier and improve your […]

Student discount

It hasn’t been long since I was a student myself. I actually still one, and will always be. I love learning new things and keep the brain healthy. It is however a little different now being a business owner and part time student than when I was a full time student with part time work. […]