Phone Repair Shop: Why Choose LaptopRepair.Sydney

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The Best Phone Repair Shop in Sydney If you’re like most people, then super attachment to your phone all the time is your case. If you are attached to your phone then the thought of anything going wrong with it can be frightening and is enough to break you out into a cold sweat. As […]

Mobile Phones: Do these increase the rate of bullying in schools?

Hands up anyone who was bullied in school. Hands up anyone who felt relief when they left the school yard at the end of the day. Yep, thought so, that would be most of you. Of course, for many adults who were lucky enough to grow up before the emergence of mobile phones, they could […]

Things your Mobile Phone has Replaced

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You’d be hard pressed to find someone these days who doesn’t have a smartphone. In particular, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones are the most popular on the market. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to imagine a life without them. But once upon a time, that life did exist. We decided to take a look […]

Five app types you need on your iPhone

Everyone these days has a smartphone and most people are surgically attached to them, and wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Most people use them for calls, social media and the music and TV, apps, but were you aware of other applications? There are so many applications that will make your life easier and improve your […]

Student discount

It hasn’t been long since I was a student myself. I actually still one, and will always be. I love learning new things and keep the brain healthy. It is however a little different now being a business owner and part time student than when I was a full time student with part time work. […]