Acer ASPIRE 1 A114-31-P438 lcd screen

EugeneI need a quote for a replacement Laptop Screen
Acer ASPIRE 1 A114-31-P438
Can you assist me? Thank you
Renelet me check this1
HD or the FHD screen?
HD Screen >>
EugeneOK... how do I find that out?
ReneFHD >>
ReneSNID can help to identify if HD or FHD
SNID found at base
EugeneSNID: 834....
Renelet me check this
it's HD screen
Eugeneok, so you have the stock?
Eugenecool. And is the price the link you sent me? $155.10 incl tax?
If I drop off and pay cash at Kingsgrove, how long is it for installation?
Renecan do while you wait
Eugeneok cool, will revert. Need to get transport arranged etc. Thank you.

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