I am looking for a replacement charge Acer Travelmate TM P249-G2-M-3303

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
Renn I am looking for a replacement charge cable
Husssure, make and model pls
Renn Acer Travelmate O249
model : N16Q1
Hussdo you have SNID or model
for example Aspire A515
Renn SNID: 7.....
Hussis this SNID on a paper sticker?
Renn yes
HussThere is another under it, 9 or 11 digits
or SN
Renn TMP249-G2-M-3303
is that the serial
but this could be the model
I am unable to find any info on this
Renn got it
HussI need either SNID or SN
Renn SNID:73.......
Renn S/N: NX........
Hussyou are after a DC Jack right?
Renn ?
standard Australian Charger
HussOK, won't be long
Genuine https://laptopparts.com.au/laptop-parts/acer-travelmate-p249-g2-m-replacement-laptop-ac-power-adapter-charger-genuine.html
Generic https://laptopparts.com.au/laptop-parts/acer-travelmate-p249-g2-m-replacement-laptop-generic-ac-power-adapter-charger.html
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