Latitude 3390 2-in-1 LCD Screen

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
Husshi john, how are today?
Johnhi Im looking for a specific LCD screen
model number: NV133FHM-A11
Latitude 3390 2-in-1
Hussthis is a touch screen
do you have laptop service tag?
Johnyes touch screen, I cant locate the service tag
Hussit is on base also in bios
here is what we have listed for this model
service tag will help in making sure this is the right one
JohnService tag is blacked out underneath, and cant get into bios, as its a customers laptop. We are a retailer, is there any retailer price?
Hussyou will get 10% off the listed price
Anything else I can help you with?

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