Surface Pro 4 Screen repair

Chat Transcript 
HussHi, Can I help? 
I need to replace screen on Surface pro 4
Husssure, can help
Screen repair is $350. Pickup and return +$40
Aust wide
Jaycan i drop it off myself?
C7 / 13-15 Forrester Str
Kingsgrove, NSW, 2208
Open Mon - Fri 9 - 5:30

02 8081 2555
Jaydo you give some warranty?
Huss12 months
JayIs tomorrow a good day to do it?
also, how long do I wait for it to be fixed?
HussLet me check stock 
HussIf you drop off tomorrow morning, can pickup afternoon
JayI mean... I was thinking... drop it off, go shopping and pick it up on the way back...
don't really want to drive there twice
Hussdepends how long is shopping for you 🙂
Jay2 hours... tops...
i'm a man.. 🙂
if you bring it in around 9:30 this can happen
you can pickup by 11:30
JayOK.... I will most likely see you tomorrow morning...
enjoy the evening
Jayi'm not sure what the traffic is... but will aim at 9:30
just to confirm.. you have that screen in stock.. right?
Hussyes in stock
Jaycool... thanks... bye

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