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Asus F550C Keyboard Repair

Keyboard Repair for this model Asus F550C @ $135

with pickup and return @ $40 (Optional)
ETA of the part require is 3-5 days

Pricing and ETA is also applicable to the following Asus model:
Asus F550C
Asus F550CA
Asus F550CC
Asus F550D
Asus F550DP
Asus F550E
Asus F550EA
Asus F550L
Asus F552
Asus F552C
Asus F552CL
Asus F552E
Asus F552EA
Asus F552EP
Asus F552L
Asus F552LAV
Asus F552LD



*Price and ETA as of March 2020

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