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Hi do you have the higher resolution screen but compatible with this Model HP 250 G6

KristineHi do you have the higher resolution screen but compatible with this Model HP250G6
Husswhich screen do you have currently?
KristineThe rep earlier showed me this one…https://www.laptoplcdscreen.com.au/hp-250-g6-2fg10pa-replacement-laptop-lcd-screen-panel-801084-cd1.html 
But my partner wanted the higher res one.
Husslet me check
Hussplease note the higher res may not work on your laptop if originally with 1366 x 768. some times you have to replace lcd cable and some times it will not work at all
KristineHe said when he bought it he got the higher res one
Hussso the screen in the laptop now is FHD (1920 x 1080)?
KristineYes we checked on settings
it goes up to 1920 by 1080
HussI C
link above
KristineOk cool. And Freight to Vic is?
BTW, what’s this Optical Technology option?
IPS and non-IPS
Hussviewing angel, Freight $16.5 AU wide.
check the image on the page, will show the difference
KristineSo that doesn’t impact the Res then?
as in it’s got nothing to do with it
Hussnope nothing to do with resolution, just the viewing angel
KristineOk thanks so much.
Hussvery welcome 🙂
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