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Hi. I’m looking for a replacement speaker input jack for an Asus M51V.

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
VasiHi. I’m looking for a replacement speaker input jack for an Asus M51V.
HussHi, You mean Audio jack?
VasiI think so… the thing you stick your headphone speaker into to listen through headphones
Checking this for you, won’t be long.
that is part of the motherboard
VasiI think it may be an audio/microphone input jack unit on this model???
Hussbetter use a USB Audio card
VasiYep. I think it needs to be soldered in.
How does the USB Audio card work?
Hussplug it in the USB port, and plug the audio jack in the card (looks like a USB stick)
Vasiwow! how much?
does it cost..?
Husslet me check
$30 + $16.5 freight
Vasiwould it work with a linux system?
Vasiok…well that sounds like a simpler option..Thanks for your help! I can’t buy it today, but will be back on payday. Thanks for yourtime.
Actually, can you also give me a price for the Asus M51V Replacement laptop Speaker Set 87071 on this website, please?
At this address : https://www.laptopparts.com.au/asus-m51v-replacement-laptop-speaker-set-87071.html
Husslet me check if available
$75 ETA 3-4 weeks
VasiThat is pretty pricey. Probably time to get a new computer 🙁 I’ll let you get back to someone more generous.. Thankyou.
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