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Lenovo Idea 330S adpater charger

HussHi, Can I help? 
a power supply for a laptop but the only details i have for the laptop are
lenovo ideapad
HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.
do you have more details about the laptop, SN or MTM ? I can find 330S-14 but not 40
Servicedo sorry i dont
the client through out the old PSU and all the markings on the bottom have worn off
Husspls see link below https://www.laptopparts.com.au/lenovo-ideapad-330s-14ikb-81f4004sau-adapter-charger-adlx65ncc3a-20v-3-25a-01fr051.html
Servicethank you
this is a genuine charger, Generic will be cheaper, but confirm it is the correct one first
Servicewill do thanks
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