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touch screen laptop repair Sydney NSW

How will my touch screen laptop look without a touch digitizer

Can you replace touchscreen with a none touch screen?

Often, I get asked by users if they can replace a touchscreen on a laptop with a none touch screen. This is mainly due to cost, as some laptops cost $500 and the touch screen is $450 before labor. Should you like to have a touch screen laptop repair service, call 02 8081 2555.

This week I have a customer with 2 HP laptops which were purchased at around $1200 each. Both touchscreens of course and cracked. HP quote was around $750 / screen add $140 in labor, and you are close to a paying for a new laptop.

So my customer decided to remove the touch and keep the fame only, the machines are still usable but don’t look as nice.

I have taken an image (below) so those of you who are thinking of doing the same can see the end result.

touch laptop no touch
Note the bezel/frame, this is where the touchscreen usually sits.. you have holes and the screen board semi-exposed. And look isn’t that attractive, but the machine works.

Know that we do touch screen laptop repair in Australia wide. We do pick-up and return service repair and it will be job completed in just a span of few days.

  1. Touch Screen Laptop Repair NSW – Sydney
  2. Touch Screen Laptop Repair Queensland – Brisbane
  3. Touch Screen Laptop Repair Victoria – Melbourne
  4. Touch Screen Laptop Repair ACT – Canberra
  5. Touchscreen Laptop Repair Northern Australia – Darwin
  6. Touchscreen Laptop Repair Western Australia – Perth
  7. Touchscreen Laptop Repair South Australia – Adelaide
  8. Touchscreen Laptop Repair Tasmania – Hobart

We have stocked all laptop screens of all makes and models. We only use genuine screens for a 100% compatibility and 0% back jobs.

  • HP Laptop Repair
  • Lenovo Laptop Repair
  • Acer Laptop Repair
  • DELL Laptop Repair
  • Samsung Laptops
  • Asus Laptops
  • Apple MacBook Laptops
  • Gigabytes Laptops
  • Toshiba Laptops
  • Microsoft Surface Laptops
  • Panasonic Laptops
  • Alienware Laptops
  • Sony Vaio Laptops
  • Fujitsu Laptops
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