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ASUS laptop (Asus ROG G752VS 2017) service, cleaning and fan repair

ReneHi, Can I help? 

My name is Eugene. I would love to have my laptop serviced. It is a gaming ASUS laptop (Asus ROG G752VS 2017). I would love to have it opened, cleaned, probably replace one fan because it is making a weird noise etc.

Could you please let me know how much time it takes on average? I use it for work so. And could you also tell the approximate price?

Thank you very much.
Renelet me check this
is it the CPU fan or the GPU fan is noisy? can you confirm?
EugeneI do not know to be honest
But it is working perfectly fine. Just want to make sure it lasts
Haven’t serviced it a single time so
Reneok let me check both
EugeneYes please
Renecpu fan repair @ $200
GPU Fan @ $190
with pickup and return service @ $40 (optional)

Part require ETA 2-4 weeks
EugeneAlright, so Including pick up/return + 1 new fan + actual fixing cost it will be around ~ $300?
And if we leave the fan and just service it how much time/money will it be?
I mean its working fine, just a bit noisy
Probably something just got stuck there
Haven;t had any temperature issues whatsoever
Reneyou mean just cleaning and inspection? no repair? can do $100 with pickup and return
3-5 days including pickup and return
EugeneAlright, got it
got it
Thank you
I will get back to you
Renecpu fan repair @ $200
includes part require (Fan)
GPU Fan repair @ $190 includes part
EugeneYep, got it thanks