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Chromebook s340-14 and Macbook Air A1466

ReneHi, Can I help? 
Brian hi
I asked last night about the lenovo screen
ReneMTM model type please or the serial
Brian chromebook s340-14
sn P2….
Renelet me check this
link above
is there anything else?
Brian thanks
I will check with my customer
also I have an ipad air broken screen need to send to you to fix it, how much do you charge for it?
model A1466
ReneA1466 is not ipad air
this is macbook model
A1466 screen repair
Brian sorry mean Mac air
I mean to send to you and fix it
is that hard to do it ourself
Renelink above for the screen repair..
it’s a screen only.. if need other part in LCD to repair..you may need the full display assembly
Brian last time I ask someone said I can send it off to you and fix it there. Do you still do that?
Reneyes you can send it to us.. link i sent is for screen repair. on page there is installation options available.
would you like to go ahead? i can process this for you
Brian ah, got it, I just need to check with customer
just drop us a message here or email us directly to helpdesk once go ahead
helpdesk at laptop lcd screen com au