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Cracked laptop touch screen, worth repairing?

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So you purchased a Laptop with a touch screens, nice function to have if you get to use it. Touch screen laptops somehow is very useful in many ways either in business and games purposes.

I purchased an LG and HP laptops back in 2004 and 2010. Those are the early touch screen technology in laptops that used a stylus, which I used for around 6 years. Did I use the touch function? Yes, maybe handful of times.

However, with more developed apps that require touch functionality, there maybe more use nowadays. It only become very expensive if you crack the touch screen somehow, which is the reason why I’m writing this article.

Touch screens are a very expensive spare parts when purchased from manufacturers. For some reason, most laptop manufacturers see this as money making opportunity. They sell the touch screen for as much as 90% of the laptop price.

For example I have purchased HP touch screen spare parts that are selling for $1600. The laptop used in is a Spectre X360 selling for around $2500. The painful part is HP will only sell you the complete display assembly instead of the touch screen only which usually can be few hundred dollars.

Thanks to Generic manufacturer, this screen + touch combo is now around $400.

Other manufacturers such as Toshiba allows customers to buy the touch only on SOME models which is usually under $400. installing the touch screen requires a professional repair technician as it quite a process.

There are some after market touch screens sold online, I would recommend staying away from these unless you are buying from a local source where you can return the touch glass in case you face quality issues. Buying from overseas sources is a “no no” as I have seen many that are defective and it is too expensive to send back.

In a nut shell, I would stay away from touch screen laptops unless I really need the functionality. If you have to buy this, I recommend purchasing extended warranty and accidental damage insurance.

If you spent more than $2000 for the laptop few months back, it is worth repairing otherwise investing towards a new laptop will be wiser. Sometimes, as the laptop gets older, touch screens may become cheaper, however, this is not always the case.

Here is how the prices range for popular touch screen laptops (Genuine), these are estimates only to give you an idea of what you maybe up for:

Toshiba: touch only around $400
Toshiba: Display assembly (Hinge up) anywhere between $650 – $1200
HP: No less than $800
ASUS: Does not sell spare parts so have to send in your laptop for parts + repair, we can source these aftermarket only.
DELL: no less than $600
Sony: touch only $450+
Sony: Complete display $1000+
Lenovo: screen + touch $700+

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