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do you do asus parts

ReneHi, Can I help? 
PAULdo you do asus parts
Reneyes we do
PAULu guys do laptop repair
or only sell parts
Renewe also do repair
PAULlike laptop motherbaord repair
Reneyes we do motherboard repair
PAULwhats the normal charge for no power laptop
ReneWe can attempt repair or diagnose @ $99 quotation fee waived if you choose to proceed with repair or purchase once quoted you
PAULi have a computer shop in Wollongong
i am looking for laptop motherboard repair team..
if i get an update how much will cost, so i can ask customer and he /she is okay then i will send the laptop to you for repair
Renedepends on the model and difficulties but usually repairs start @ $350 – pricing can still change up or down depends on the components need to repair
any way do you have ASUS TP412U LCD+ the full top cover
complete display
this is full display includes LCD + Back cover and hinges