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Do you fix crack screens on laptops?

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
JillianDo you fix crack screens on laptops
JillianCan I get a qoute for a laptop hp spectre touch screen
Husssure, do you have the complete model number?
JillianYes it’s 13- af010tu
Huss$490 parts and labor.
JillianOkay I’ll give you a call is it same day drop off
Hussno, this one we have to order the touch screen, will take around 1 week
you can pay a deposit, we will order the screen and when it arrives we will ask you to drop off.
JillianDo you mean have the laptop for a week
Once the part comes in how long will you have the laptop for
Huss1-2 days
JillianOkay will give you a call thanks