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do you guys have a motherboard replacement for MSI GS60 6QE

HussHi,12:03:29 PM
BRANDONhey man12:03:38 PM
Husscan get genuine new board, super expensive more than $100012:03:39 PM
BRANDONsh**&&^^t true, do you guys have bios programming tools?12:04:08 PM
Hussoften when a board dies it is better to invest the money towards a new laptop.12:04:28 PM
what is wrong with the board?12:04:40 PM
BRANDONbios was re flashed with the wrong update12:04:59 PM
everything turns on but screen is black with no output to ext monitor, hdd spins fans spins, rgb lights up but no response or and no boot12:05:46 PM
Husswe can attempt a repair on it, no guarantee it will work. 
Quotation fee is $99 including pickup and return, waived if you proceed with repair. Payable if we are unable to repair. 
Often a repair like this will cost $350 – $450.
12:07:36 PM
BRANDONsweet as ill give you guys a call and organise it12:08:54 PM
thanks man12:08:58 PM
Husscheers12:09:07 PM