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Do you repair Surface 4 screens that are lifting off the body?

mostly this will be lifting cos the battery is swollen
so you very likely have to replace the battery
Mwanikiwhat does it cost to replace a battery?
and what other cause can there be for the screen lifting?
HussI have only seen the battery or cracked screen
battery replacement is $250
MwanikiThe screen is not cracked. So what is the cost of replacing a battery
okay. how long would it take to replace it?
Huss2-3 days
MwanikiThanks. what is the warranty on the battery?
Huss1 year
Anything else I can help you with?
Mwanikiok thanks. Can i just bring it in?
Hussif you are not using the device you can bring it in after I create a repair job
if you are using it, I can order the battery and when it arrives we ask you to bring it in
MwanikiI am using it so would be best to bring it when you have the battery
HussOK, this requires a deposit. Can i please have your first and last name, and phone number
please come back if you wish to process with this