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Do you replace keyboards for macbook Pro A1708?

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
Jeremy Richardsdo you replace keyboards for macbooks?
HussYes we do
you have SN for your Macbook?
Jeremy Richardscool i sent msg yesterday for screen and keyboard did you receive or you want me to send again
A1708 s/n C0….
HussKeyboard is part of the palmrest and also comes with battery included. $490 including pickup and return
Jeremy Richardsand new screen price please pick up and return
Huss$790 for screen
if you do screen and palmrest you save $40 on one of them
Jeremy Richards1280 in total
i will be sending to you guys can you send link so i can put in my cart and organise payment etc.
HussI will have to manually create this order for you
let me do this and I will email you a confirmation
Jeremy Richardsok cool thank you
Hussorder # 400041819
would you like me to organise pickup for tomorrow?
Jeremy Richardsthank you heaps just waiting for customer to pay me first then will send money thru to you and let you know on organising pick up
Hussall good
please keep me posted
Jeremy Richardswill do will email you back when all ready to go