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Asus F550LDV-XO870H LCD Back Cover Repair

LCD Back Cover Repair for this model Asus F550LDV-XO870H @ $260

with pickup and return @ $40 (Optional)
ETA of the part require is 2-4 weeks

Pricing and ETA is also applicable to the following Asus model:
F550CA Notebook
F550CC Notebook
F550LA Notebook
F550LB Notebook
F550LC Notebook
F550LN Notebook
F552CL Notebook
F552LDV Notebook
F554L Notebook
F554LA Notebook
K550CC Notebook
K550JK Notebook
P550CA Mobile
P550LA Mobile
R510C Notebook
R510CC Notebook
R510JK Notebook
R510L Notebook
R510LAV Notebook
R510LD Notebook
R510LDV Notebook
R510LN Notebook
R513CL Notebook
X550CA Notebook
X550CC Notebook
X550CL Notebook
X550EA Notebook
X550EP Notebook
X550JF Notebook
X550JK Notebook
X550LA Notebook
X550LB Notebook
X550LC Notebook
X550LD Notebook
X550LN Notebook
X550VB Notebook
X550VC Notebook
X550VL Notebook
X552CL Notebook
X552EA Notebook
X552LAV Notebook



*Price and ETA as of June 2020