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Asus UX310U Backlit Keyboard Repair. How much the cost?

Replacement / repair of Keyboard with Backlit for this model Asus UX310U @ $220

We also do pickup and return @ $40 (Optional)
ETA of the part require is 2-3 weeks

Pricing and ETA is also applicable to the following Asus Model:

Asus UX310UAK
Asus U4000 Series
Asus U4000U Series
Asus U4000UQ Series
Asus RX310 Series
Asus RX310U Series
Asus RX310UA Series
Asus RX310UQ Series
Asus ZenBook UX310 Series
Asus ZenBook UX310UA Series
Asus ZenBook UX310UQ Series



*Price and ETA as of November 2019