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DELL XPS 13 won’t turn on

This is a live chat log

Hi, Can I help?
Visitor 633498
Hi. I have a Dell xp 13
12:25:32 PM
I’ve been having trouble with charging it.
12:25:42 PM
Now it won’t charge at all
12:25:48 PM
does it turn on when the charger is plugged in?
12:26:05 PM
Visitor 633498
It’s not the charger
12:26:07 PM
12:26:10 PM
White light won’t go an
12:26:17 PM
this could be a dc jack or a motherboard. happy to take a look and quote you
12:27:08 PM
Visitor 633498
Where r U located
12:27:23 PM
If it’s the mother board what kind of price am I looking at
12:27:59 PM
won’t be cheap. i think for new one around $1000
12:29:47 PM
we can however attempt a repair instead of replacement
12:30:08 PM
this will be $350 – $500
12:30:14 PM
Visitor 633498
Ok thanks. Do I come or you do pickup?
12:32:49 PM
we can pickup and return @ $50 or you can drop off if you are close by
12:34:12 PM
Visitor 633498
Thanks. I’ll call up later today to organise pickup. I don’t have a car at the moment.
12:35:07 PM
12:35:30 PM
any time
12:35:33 PM