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Five app types you need on your iPhone

Everyone these days has a smaapple-iphone-7-plus-4rtphone and most people are surgically attached to them, and wouldn’t go anywhere without them. Most people use them for calls, social media and the music and TV, apps, but were you aware of other
applications? There are so many applications that will make your life easier and improve your mobile phone experience.

Dropbox – You probably spend time doing your work on the go when you’re away from the office, and that means you’ll need to access files when you’re out and about. If you have Dropbox on your phone, then when you’re away from your computer you can do exactly this. That means you will increase your productivity at work keeping your employer happy. That’s a win-win for everyone.

MyFitnessPal (or any other fitness app) – Over the last few years everyone has heard about the increasing rates of obesity which has governments and health professionals concerned. When you’re busy it can be really hard to keep track of your exercise and what you need to do. Well, if you have MyFitnessPal on your phone then you can track the number of steps you’re doing each day and that can actually motivate you to do more because you’re holding yourself accountable.
You can also track the number of calories that you consume each day which can assist you in improving your diet and potentially you’ll lose weight as a result.

Buffer/Hootsuite – Rather than spending heaps of time updating every single social media site that you’re on, why not just do it from the one app? Why not just download a social media management app and then doing it more simply? That will save you time and you’ll be able to easily track your previous updates.

Google Docs – With Dropbox you can view any files that you want to, but what about editing them? Well, with the Google Docs app, you can do exactly that. Put the document in the Google Drive, email it to yourself and then open it in Google Docs, which has an edit functionality. That will also allow you to share your edited docs with anyone who also has access to the file. That will help you get work done while you’re stuck on the train or bus waiting to or from work. That has to be a good thing.

Any music app – There are so many music apps – Spotify, Shazam and many others. If you’re worrying about conserving space on your iPhone, then by downloading one of these apps. You’ll be able to protect your space while still listening to the music you want to, when you want to. The only bad thing about these apps is that they drain more of your data. It will consume more data than simply downloading the music from the iTunes store would.

These are just some of the apps that you need to know. These will help you better enjoy your phone. Given how much we rely on them it’s important to have apps that make our lives easier.