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Hello, I’m looking for a replacement screen (touch) for a Dell Inspiron 14 5000 (5482)

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Hi, Can I help? 
StanHello, I’m looking for a replacement screen (touch) for a Dell Inspiron 14 5000 (5482)12:44:02 PM
Service Tag is 49…12:44:21 PM
HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.12:44:32 PM
StanMonitor # 391-BDUT12:46:59 PM
Husscomplete display hinge up I can do $650 https://laptoplcdscreen.com.au/dell-inspiron-14-5482-replacement-laptop-lcd-touch-screen-assembly-grey-hinge-up-43gcf.html 
LCD + touch only without frame (very hard to remove frame from old to new) $400
12:48:21 PM
StanTotal unit was just over $1000. We can get the screen from the U.S. for $100 US so probably with postage that will be roughly $200 au. Changed a few screens before, was just comparing price. Thanks12:51:23 PM
Hussbe careful, you have a touch screen12:51:34 PM
make sure you get the right one12:51:45 PM
good luck12:51:47 PM
StanThanks why so dear in comparison?12:51:57 PM
Hussnot sure what you are looking at, happy to take a look for you before you buy12:52:15 PM
I guess something doesn’t add up12:52:19 PM
send me the link of the one you are checking and I will look at it12:53:39 PM
Stan***Link removed***12:55:04 PM
Parts are definitely something to consider when buying for teenagers 🙂12:58:15 PM
HussOK, seems like it is a touch, but ask the following questions:
1- does it fits your laptop (provide them with laptop model)
2- is it a touch with screen or touch only 
3- if it is available in stock. 
4- does it come with frame. 

Also this is seems like a quoting site, so you put an inquiry and they get quotes for you.
12:58:48 PM
StanOK will do. I’d rather buy a new one than pay too much and still have to deal with it myself. Thanks for your time1:02:47 PM
HussIf you don’t need a touch screen, stay away from it. 🙂1:02:55 PM
You are welcome 🙂