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hey can u please help me with a lenovo replacement screen query?

Hi, Can I help you with your Lenovo Spare enquiry
Guyhey can u please help me with a lenovo replacement screen query?
I have a Lenovo Thinkpad L380 that has been dropped. The left hand side of the screen has been badly damaged. I have taped it up and it actually works fine but aesthetically, it’s a mess.
I’m wondering how much? Shipped to 4074 Brisbane
Hussdo you have a touch screen?
can you provide MTM or SN for the laptop?
a photo will also help
Guynot a touch screen
ill get the sn
can i get your email address and I’ll send a photo of the original damage
Hussyou can send it here
Guysn is R90….
Guy is sharing a file with you. FullSizeR.jpg – (Size:283.43 KB)
HussThis is not the screen
can you take a wider image, I want to see the whole laptop
the hinge is separated from the palmrest, so you will need palmrest to start with
is the screen damaged as well?
Guyjust a sec
so the following are pictures of the laptop right now after I have taped up the damage
HussYes, to replace this you have to dismantle the whole laptop (every last screw) , can you do this yourself?
GuyGuy is sharing a file with you. 20200501_155641.jpg – (Size:5.14 MB)
Guy is sharing a file with you. 20200501_155655.jpg – (Size:4.12 MB)
So, is this hinge separate from the screen?
Hussyou will also need lcd bezel and lcd back cover
GuyI cant do it. I have an IT person but I just wanted to see if I could get a screen and replace it. Sounds a bit bigger than that!
Husssure is
GuyOk. so for you to supply the hinge/lcd bezel /lcd back cover how much, will it be?
HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.
Palmrest $190
Guyno worries. cheers
HussI am checking the other parts
lcd bezel $111 https://www.laptopparts.com.au/lenovo-thinkpas-l380-type-20m5-20m6-20m5a001au-lcd-b-cover-bezel-black-02da287.html
lcd cover $160 02DA293
you also need the screen?
I can do 20% off if you order all these parts
GuyI’m ringing my insurance company about an accidental damages claim. If they OK this, and I order Tuesday or Wednesday how long (approx) will it take to get here 4070 Brisbane
Hussall available except the palmrest with ETA 2-3 weeks
GuyOk. and should i call or just live chat again?
Husslive chat will be ok, its all logged . I can look up all this
Guyexcellent. Im ringing them tonight so hopefully i’ll get a quick OK. Cheers fro your help
any time