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hi do u sell laptop LCD cables

Hi, Can I help? 
Shane hi do u sell laptop video cables
Hussas in the lcd cable (from motherboard to lcd screen?)
Shane yes
Hussyes we do, what is your laptop SN or model
Shane Shane barry is sharing a file with you.94177580_334417187523735_8064212998488588288_n.jpg – (Size:18.54 KB)
Hussthis is the lcd
Shane its .8 at the end
Hussi need the laptop info not the screen
Shane lol
Hussas the cable has to plug into the board
Shane 5c….
model 15/cc521tx
HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.
Shane or itx
HussThis is the cable you need
Shane wow 146
i have just received a screen from u guys am i able to return it
Hussyou can there is a 30% restocking fee + shipping fees non-refundable
Shane is that refund or credit
HussStore credit if you are a reseller
Shane ok
HussLook I can drop the restocking to 20% since you are a reseller
Shane the back lite is not working
i am guessing its the laptop not the screen
Hussmm.. you can only try
next step to try lcd cable
it could be LCD and not the screen or both
Shane yer but its 140 lol
getting to expensive
Husslet me see what I can do
your price on that as reseller is $114.10 + $16.5 freight.
my cost is around $100 🙂
Shane ok i will have to ask my customer i may hang on the the sceen for another laptop
Hussall good
Shane i am guessing it will fit other models
Hussif you need any help with compatibility pls ask
Shane what if the refund charge
HussI can do it at the 30% restocking + shipping 
This is a very popular screen fits many laptops, you may want to hold on to it if you get few screen repairs a month
your call though
Shane ok thank u i will hold on to it
thanks for your help