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HI, Have a ASUS TP-412F with broken digitizer, Could I please get a quote for repair please.

Husscomplete repair including pickup and return $40010:51:58 AM
Paul no worries, Can I book it in please10:52:44 AM
and approx turn around?10:52:51 AM
also I do I sign up as a reseller?10:53:09 AM
Huss7-10 business days10:55:59 AM
yes please signup and choose reseller fro “user type”10:56:22 AM
Paul okay, was in there in any case, Cant see how to create an order thou11:03:34 AM
Hussscreen is not on the website right now, please email or come back to live chat to order11:08:21 AM
Paul ready to order11:08:45 AM
please order and arrange for pickup11:09:02 AM
Husssure, stay with me for few mins pls11:09:51 AM
info removed
Info correct?
Paul yes
Husspaying by?
Paul CC
Hussorder # 400042003
Paul see it
Hussplease package device in a box, I will email connotes for pickup this afternoon
please call 02 8081 2555 to organise payment