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Hi, Need P&A on Touch Screen for HP 4RW26PA. It’s a Spectre X360-13-AE530TU

HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.
ServiceHi Huss, Long time no talk. It’
s Owen from Port Pirie S.A.
Husshey mate
hows it?

This is a generic screen with our frame, you will have to use the frame from the old screen. Not too easy to swap
We can do the repair @ $154 on top including pickup and return
Servicecomment removed
Husscomment removed
we are always here to help
ServiceI’d rather do the repair here.. and that seems too cheap for a touch screen??
Hussgenuine hinge up is around $1300
this is generic
ServiceI hear u about the not easy… thinking…
It is a touch screen tho??
HussBTW $154 is not the screen this is the installation, screen price is approx $435
Yes it is touch
ServiceConfused now.. so It’s $154 installation + screen @ ??
The customer doesn’t care much because it’s on insurance. How much for u to do original?
Huss$1500 inc GST, pickup and return
ServiceOK.. I’ll give them both options. What about Samsumg S9+ mobile phone?
or just give me a link.
HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.
Hussscreen only $420 delivered
labor will be $100 to replace
ServiceOK.. Thanks mate.. I’ll see what they want to do .. Have a great weekend… well… as much as u can with the lockdown 🙁
Husswill do
you too 🙂