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Hi When sending to the surface pro, does the device needs to be restored to factory settings. Also i have selected the pick and return am I sent a con note to send to the repair

let me make sure I understand what you mean
you are asking if we do factory setting on the device after / during repair?
factory reset
ServiceYes that’s correct? just so i can advise the customer before I send it to you
HussWe don’t do reset, but backup is always advised, we never lost data but we are not responsible if something happen and it is lost. so backup is a great idea.
Once you process the order we will email you a connote.
Service Okay that you for all your help
Hussplease note in order comments when you would like us to pickup (date) if the device is not ready at the time
Service Okay will do
Hussenjoy the afternoon
Service you to