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I have an acer aspire s5 371. My screen is jittery.

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Hi, Can I help? 
VinnieHi I have an acer aspire s5 371. My screen is jittery. No damage to the screen or the laptop it self. I think the screen cable has come loose. Can I get someone to look at it while I wait? I need the laptop for work.
How much for you to have a look at it?
Hussyes we can do this for you
we have both the screen and cable in stock
VinnieYea cool. The screen is fine and it works. It’s just when I move the laptop it jitters.
How much to repair the cable
HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.
VinnieAnd when and how fast can it be done?
Husscost will be $200 between 9 and 1 it can be done within 30 mins – 1 hr max.
Vinnieok. I’ll ask work.
VinnieYep cool. Can I come tomorrow?
9-1 we will be able to help you on the spot
wait 1 sec
just have to check the cable make sure it is in stock.
OK yes it is
who do I see tomorrow
HussAny one at reception