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iPad air Battery Life: Maintenance, Tips for Long Lasting Use

iPad air Battery Life: Maintenance, Tips for Long Lasting Use

Just like the iPhone, there’s nothing more annoying than running out of battery power on your iPad. It always happens at the worst possible moment as well like when you’re on a train and you’ve got at least half an hour of the commute remaining, or when you’re in the middle of looking up something incredibly important online. That can be very frustrating. Well, to save you the pain of running out of battery power, we’ve come up with a list of tips that will help you conserve your battery power. So you can enjoy your iPad for longer until you can get home and charge it.

The first thing to know is that an iPad will give you up to 10 hours of internet usage, or music listening time. Be aware though, that the more applications you have open at a time, the faster the battery will drain. There are some things that you can do to reduce the drainage though. You can go into Settings and then Battery. Switch it to low power mode. You won’t gain too much extra battery power though. It will generally only be about an hour, although you need to know that this will depend on how you use your iPad.

Another step you can take to conserve your battery power is to switch from using your cellular network to WI-FI where WI-FI is available. WI-FI uses less power so you’ll enjoy your iPad for longer.

You probably remember the days when you’d move from your laptop or desktop computer. Then within a few minutes the screen would go black. Basically it had gone to sleep. It’s the same for your iPad. You can change power settings so that when you’re not using it, it will go to sleep. Switch off your screensaver if you have set one. You don’t really need it running when you’re not using the device and they just waste battery power. It’s better to conserve your battery power because each battery only has a limited number of charges and then it won’t charge anymore.

It can be tempting to have your iPad set to fetch new data as apps are updated and to download the app automatically. Don’t though. It can cause excessive battery loss and it’s pointless especially when the chances are you’re not even looking through the better  information. Instead you’re better to fetch manually when you’re actually paying attention and possibly your device is on charge. Your apps and email will fetch less and you’ll only get the information when it’s of use to you. The same can be said for notifications. When you download new apps, set it so that you don’t get new notifications. Instead check the app when you want to. Getting notifications automatically is likely to annoy you anyway so you’re better to just wait until you’re using the apps.

Quite Apps

If you’re curious about how much battery power each app is using, you can check this by going into Settings. Then you will be told what percentage each app is using. When you’re on the home screen double click the home button. Swipe upwards to close all the apps that you’re not using.

Worst case scenario, take a portable charger with you and just charge your iPad when you need to. The best way to charge it when you are mobile and to keep the battery power lasting.