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iPhone 7 Apps | Top 7 Interesting Features and Applications

iPhone 7 Apps | Top 7 Interesting Features and Applications

Eveyrtime a new iPhone is released there’s always a lot of excitement and hype around what features the new device will contain. This hype often begins months prior to the release and carries on until about a month after the device has been released. With all the new features using iphone 7 apps will be a more enjoyable experience and you will find yourself wanting to use the phone all the time.

If you’ve missed the news then don’t despair, we’ve found the top 7 features and compiled them in one easy to read list so you know if it’s going to be worthwhile purchasing the device.

Bigger Memory Storage

For those who download a lot of movies and music, you’re going to love this new feature. Apple has listened to consumers and you can now enjoy a minimum of 32GB and a maximum of 256GB storage on your device. You will no longer need to delete your favorite apps or TV shows to make space for others. You can keep them on your device. This will save you from using your data. You have the added bonus of saving your battery power because you won’t use as much juice to download data. That solves the issue of you running out of battery just when your TV show gets to a good part. It will also prevent you being board if you’re on a long train trip commuting to and from work.

Upgraded Camera

Everyone loves a good selfie. The new iPhone 7 features an upgraded camera. You’re bound to be pleased with the results. The completely redesigned camera is one of its best. You can capture amazing snaps that will be ideal for uploading on social media.

Higher Resolution

The iPhone screen resolution has significantly improved and you’ll notice the higher resolution. This will be great when you’re using your new iphone 7 apps and will improve your experience. The picture clarity is unforgettable and you’ll be truly happy with it.

Uses wireless earphones adds convenience and ease

It was controversial at the time, but some people will love the lack of earphone cords. It will add convenience and ease. Being caught and twisted when you’re not using them is not possible with your new phone. It doesn’t seem to matter what you do. They always seem to end up tied in knots and this can be annoying. Just make sure that you look after the new wireless earphones.

Improved Sound Quality

The lack of a dock for earphones means that the audio quality will be much better than in previous models. Space has been freed up to improve the hardware and that will improve the quality you get when listening to music or watching videos. Improved sound quality will allow you to capture videos that are better to watch and listen to.

Powerful Battery

Coming back to battery power, the iPhone 7 has been designed with a more powerful battery. You will get another two hours of usage out of the battery. This will take away the paranoia that your phone will go flat. You’ll have the option to use your iphone 7 apps the way you want to.

New Color Designs

If you care about the aesthetics of your iPhone then you’ll love the news that the product is available in two new colours. Jet black and ‘limited edition’ red are now available. It’s worth purchasing just for these features alone. You’ll need to get in fast though.