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How much does a laptop battery cost?

Laptop batteries are consumables and most have to be changed with in a couple of years or purchasing a laptop. How much does a laptop battery cost will depends much on if you want an original or laptop battery cost NiMHgeneric battery.

Genuine Laptop Battery Cost

Genuine batteries usually cost double (if not more) a generic battery, laptop manufacturers seem to see spare parts as a money making machine and they sell parts at a huge markup. A $600 Toshiba or HP laptop can have a battery replacement @ $200 or $250.

Generic Laptop Battery Cost

Thanks to my Chinese friends there are alternatives, nowadays you can buy a replacementNiCd generic battery for around $60 depending on your laptop model.
How does it compare?
Well, it is obvious the generic battery will not last as long as the genuine. It will have cheaper quality cells, but it may last a year or so. But given the savings, consumers will be better off than paying for a genuine battery.

However, depends on your personal taste in life, I personally like to go genuine on most of my purchases. Unless, it is extremely expensive and the alternative is an OK quality.





Laptop Repair Sydney Overview

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