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laptop touch screen repair

Laptop touch screen repair / replace

To book a touch screen repair/replacement on your laptop starting from $250*, please click here or call us at 02 8081 2555

Touch screen Laptops have become increasingly popular with the price drop, and more manufacturer adoption over the last few years.  From a couple of models available in 2005 to more models than you can count in 2017. Almost every laptop manufacturer have released many models with touch screen functionality.

Having a touch screen laptop is nice if you get to use the functionality. Nowadays with more applications that can use this functionality, it is more likely you will get to use the touch screen.

And as laptops are getting slimmer with each more, fragility is becoming an issue. A drop or hard impact for touch screen laptop means damage to the weakest and largest part which is the touch screen.

Repairing the touch screens usually comes at high cost, as most manufacturers will charge an arm and a leg for the part only. We at LaptopRepair.Sydney has been through it all, from day one. we have replaced a laptop touch screen at a very high price, as well for an affordable price in the recent months.

How to get your touch screen repaired for less

In the early days, a touch screen laptop on an Acer Aspire V5-571P (which was a very popular laptop due to its price range from $700 – $1400) was costing around $600. This is a genuine part from Acer. Later on, we noticed that most customers are not going ahead with the repair due to the price. We dug until we were able to source a replacement from overstock / generic screens at around $300 and now we can do replace these screens at around $200 (parts only).

Another example was the HP X360 13 and 14 touch screen which is still selling at $1200 – $1600 by HP, we are now able to repair this touch screen laptop @ $440 parts and labor.

Are the replacement touch screen quality same as original?

Well.. most of the screens we get are genuine. The reason we can now get these cheaper now is that the manufacturers are no longer producing this laptop and some parts are still floating around and we can get our hands on them. Having said that, there are some models that we are unable to source genuine, we will use replacement parts for these models which is still an A grade, and does not differ from the original.

We will always try to save our customer’s on touch screens repair and replacement.

*Drop off at Kingsgrove, some models cost more