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Lenovo touch screen repair serial number is R9-0…. 1-9/05

ReneHi, Can I help? 
HannahSorry the serial number is R9-0V2BMW 1-9/05
the lid and bezel are a little bit bent also
so may need to replace the LCD panel (screen) and the lid / bezel.
Renelet me check this
Hannahthank you
ReneLCD + Touch repair @ $575
LCD Back cover / Lid repair @ $200
LCD Bezel looks comes with the LCD Touch Screen Assembly
HannahOK thank you
what is the lead-time to complete this repair?
Renethere are 2 weeks ETA for the LCD Touch Assembly
Could you please send me this quote?
Reneyou can book this now and make payment for the parts so we can get them asap
Hannahto email address removed 
I just need to show my boss
Renesure.. may i have also your complete name please? system require
HannahHannah Pugh
thank you 🙂
ReneThanks.. will email you the quote shortly
i forgot to mention the with pickup and return @ $40 (Optional). will include this to the Quote