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Looking for a replacement battery and bottom cover for a HP Spectre 13-v002tu (P/N: W0J15PA, S/N: CND……..)

This is a live chat log:

HussChecking this for you, won’t be long.12:45:52 PM
thanks for providing info 🙂12:46:00 PM
LoganThanks, no problem12:46:11 PM
Hussbattery Generic https://laptopparts.com.au/hp-spectre-13-v082ng-844199-855-843534-1c1-hstnn-ib7j-replacement-laptop-generic-battery-so04xl.html12:49:39 PM
Genuine $22512:49:43 PM
both ETA 1-3 weeks12:49:49 PM
Base $225 also 1-3 weeks, Installation $10012:51:46 PM
LoganOk thank you very much for your assistance in finding these components. Is there a URL for the base? I will have to come back to this after speaking to our client and don’t want to take up any of your time if I don’t have too.12:53:47 PM
Husswe don’t have link for the base, if you come back to order PN is 855626-00112:54:40 PM
LoganOk thank you : )12:54:57 PM
HussAny time 🙂