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Macbook Air A1466 lcd screen DIY

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
I’m looking at 13.3″ A1369 A1466 DIY Screen
can you please tell me how much it is? I only see the price for the 11.6″
thank you
Hussyou are after panel only or complete display?
Ericah i see. I think panel should suffice
I think I can see a separate listing for $272.80 for that onsite
HussOK, just to bring it to your attention, replacing the panel difficulty score is 15/10
that’s 15 out of 10
Hussif you have not don’t it before you will 99.999% break something
This is the panel only
EricSo, complete unit is preferred/ideal for DIY
Ok, thank you mate, appreciate you letting me know
This is the complete display
if your panel only is cracked, we can do the repair including pickup and return $399
Erichelpful, thanks mate