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Macbook A1398 lcd screen

ReneHi, Can I help? 
i have a broken display on a mid 2015 macbook pro 15 inches retina display. i need to get it replaced. how much would it cost me?
Renecan i get also the serial please?
Ajayi’m not sure where it is. do you know how i can find out?
got it. model: A1398. serial: C2……
are you there?
Ajayah ok. thanks.
Renewould you like us to do also a repair?
here is the screen

on page there is option for installation / repair
Ajayi checked out the link but the repair + replacement is too expensive
can you give me some discount or something?
Reneyes can do 10% discount in LCD
Screen comes only with the Full Display assembly
unable to get screen panel only
Ajayso after the discount, how much would it cost me?
if it’s affordable, i’ll get it fixed from you guys
ReneFull Display @ $910 inc gst free shipping
if with repair, pickup and return + $71.50
total cost of $981.50
Ajaythat’s still steep. i got a quote for everything done in $750. can you do anything like that? sorry i’m on a budget right now. otherwise would not be bargaining.
Renethis is all i can do
Ajaythanks rene. appreciate the help. i can’t spare that much right now.
i also have a dell latitude 5480 and i want to fit a quad hd screen on it. can you advise if it’s possible?
Renecan i get service tag please? will check if QHD will fit1
Ajayservice tag: 2R…
i have to work with some designing stuff and the screen i have is 1366×768 with bad color/lighting so i’m looking for something better.
ReneQHD is not recommended
max is FHD
HD >>
AjayQHD doesn’t fit or will have connector issues? and will FHD give be better quality? i need a better one.
sorry for all the questions
ReneHD is 1366 x 768 
FHD is 1920 x 1080 
so better quality than HD one
QHD may not fit.. resolution too high.. Dell listed only for HD and FHD screen
AjayI have HD on my laptop right now. will the FHD give me better color/lighting?
Renegives higher resolution.. color lightning not sure on this as resolution is only the differences
Dell listed this part number 522V0 for this service and model with FHD resolution
do you know if this will fit? otherwise i’ll go with FHD screen
this is touch screen and will not work
Ajayi saw on youtube that it fits
ah ok. anything with non touch QHD? sorry again for lots of questions
Renewe don’t recommend QHD
possible you may get a vertical lines / horizontal or flickering issue in screen
Ajayah ok
no worries
so how much would it cost me to get FHD screen with discount and repair/replacement?
and guys do pickup and return as well right?
Reneyes we do
you can place the order online.. just select in installation options the >> Pickup and Return
Renewould you like to go ahead? i can process this for you now
Ajayrene i saw that you guys are in kingsgrove. it’s close to my place. i can drop off my laptop and sort out
do i also get some discount on this?
Reneyes can do also 10% discount in LCD part
you can drop off.. we are open til 5:30pm
Ajaycan you please give me the full address of the place. i can’t find it in the website
i’ll make a drop off today and sort it out
ReneI can process this now so tech will not bother to get Job Order number. he will require this too
would you like to process the job order now?
Ajayi’m at work right now and need to go. i’ll contact you guys in 3 hours of so.
do i need to refer to our conversation when i place order?
Reneyes you can.. as i gave you 10% discount for the LCD part
Ajaycool. thanks rene. appreciate the help.
Reneyou’re welcome
Ajayhave a lovely day and stay safe.