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My Asus laptop has not been able to connect to any network properly for a while

ReneHi, Can I help? 
DityaHi, my asus laptop has not been able to connect to any network properly for a while
For the past few weeks, i had to restart it a few times before having it connect to any network. But since 2 days ago, it has been taking more time to get it connected, and even if it manages to connect, it gets disconnected in a while
Renehave you tried check the wifi router?
try ON and Off the router if this happens
DityaNo, but other devices can connect to it without any problem, only my laptop can’t
And my laptop can’t recognize any network, not only my home’s wifi
Renemaybe wifi card is not functioning correctly.. try replace
DityaHow much does it cost to replace it?
Renewhat is the model?
DityaAsus X441U
Renecan you check also the wifi card model? usually found this at base too
I can’t find it here, is there any other way to find out?
checking this
Renewifi card repair @ $120
with pickup and return @ $40 (optional)
DityaAnd how long will the process take?
ReneETA of the part require is 5-7 days, so including repair should be 7 days or 10 if with pickup and return
still there?
is there anything else i can help?
DityaYes, is there a number i can contact when i’ve decided to have it repaired?
Rene02 8081 2555