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My lenovo yoga 510 couldn’t function at all.

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help you with your Lenovo Spare enquiry
My lenovo yoga 510 couldn’t function at all.
It’s not a problem about the charger – I tried
By saying couldn’t function – I mean it can’t get started
Hussas in no power, or windows can’t start?
JessI don’t mind dispose it
Just can’t start the whole system
And it’s not because of no power problem
HussOK, looking to dispose off it?
JessThat’s the issue
I have important documents I want to retrieve
I need them – then I don’t mind disposing it
Or if you can help me repair it, it’s even better
Husssure, we can take a look
if the hard drive is not faulty we can recover docs
JessHow much does it cost?
And if the hard drive is faulty?
Hussif hard drive is not faulty $150 ex
If hard drive is faulty, this is a data recovery job, which we don’t do, but can guide you to a company that does. This exercise is expensive though
$1000 – $2000 maybe.
JessAre you guys still operating during this coronavirus season?
Husswe are for now..
I will try to come in this week
Hussno probs.
please check with us the day before to make sure we are still open.
we will probably only close if the gov issues a lock down.