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My surface Pro battery only last 60 minutes before it dies

ReneHi, Can I help? 
CharlesMy surface ori battery only last 60 minutes before it dies
surface pro sorry
Renewhat surface pro version?
Charlessurface pro 1796
Renesurface 5 or 6?
CharlesSurface Pro _1796 64 bit Inte Core 17
intel core i7
Renemodel shows pro 6
There is a risk the screen may crack while removing the battery and you will be also up on this.. checking battery cost + installation
can do $250 for battery replacement
$40 for pickup and return

but if screen is crack, there will be extra cost for this
Charleswhat is cost of screen if it cracks
and what is the turn around time
Rene1-2 weeks ETA for the Genuine battery
Screen cost @ $300
Charleshow long do you need the surface pro for
ReneBattery is out of stock now.. ETA is 2 weeks to arrive for the Genuine part
so there will be 2-3 weeks including pickup and return
is there anything else i can help?