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Smartphone Accessories that you should have

Phone Case: One of the Smartphone accessories that protects

Remember when you got your first iPhone. You probably rushed out to buy the most stylish case possible. If you’re like me, you’ve a designer case and want to show it off. A beautiful case is just one of the many accessories that you can buy for your phone. There are of course others as well. No matter how pretty your new phone is, you know you have to put a cover on it. Otherwise, get the unlimited replacements plan for you screen if accidentally cracked. Whether your lifestyle requires shatterproof or waterproof cases, there’s a sleek or chic cover for every price and style.

External Potable Speakers: Smartphone accessories that brings fun

Unlike the 90s when people had big stereos that took up an entire shelf were heavy to lug around. Now, people can hook up their mobile phones to a speaker and get the sound they want without the need for a huge machine. Music devices have become smaller as a result of technological advancements which have seen music become increasingly digitized and fewer CDs and records sold. These advancements have meant that manufacturers can create equipment that is smaller and more compact; which is great you have a party and are worried about your equipment being damaged.

Headphones: Smartphone accessories that brings creativity

If of course you’re on the go, on public transport then just like the days when you had a walk-man or a disc-man, you’ll need some quality earphones or headphones. There are so many variations available and the type you buy will be dependent on the sound quality that you want. If you want a higher quality sound then you’re likely to buy something around the high end of the market rather than the cheapest model, but if you just want to hear your music, then a cheaper set of headphones will do just nicely.

Portable Charger

A practical accessory when you want to ensure you have enough battery power to see you throughout the day is a portable charger. There are so many options available and they’re designed to be used while you’re out. They’ll generally give you another hour or two from when they go flat. You do need to be aware though that they need to be charged prior to use and that their power can be worn down pretty fast, so if you want to charge your phone a couple of times you’re best to choose one of the more expensive ones on the market or to get a couple of models and then you’ll never be without mobile juice.

There’s a new design on the market. It’s actually a mobile phone charger with a USB port and a key ring attached. Now how cool is that? You get three accessories in one. Someone must’ve been channeling the late Steve Jobs when they came up with this particular accessory. It’s sure to race off the shelves in stores.

Smartphone Holders and Mounts for Your Car: Smartphone accessories for your safety

Staying connected is more important than ever, and having your phone close at hand while on the road. In this way, it’s safe for you and your fellow motorists. These clever holders offer a number of different ways to keep your phone secure. Ready as you push through your daily commute.

Back in the day, cars needed cigarette lighter holders, or they needed mobile phone car kits so that they could charge their phone. Well, times have changed slightly. Now you’ll need a holder for your mobile phone. The holder will enable you to easily charge your phone when you’re driving. And, you’ll also be able to easily switch between songs without taking your eye off the road. That means you’ll still be able to listen to your favorite tunes. One offers a three-in-one kit that lets you mount your phone via vent clip, on the windshield, or on your dashboard, all in one package!

Of course, these are just some of the smartphone accessories that you can buy for your mobile phone. And, they’re not the only ones available on the market. Let us know what your favorite accessories are.