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Surface Pro 5 Battery

ReneHi, Can I help? 
RaymondHi there
I was wondering if you guys can fix battery issues for Surface Pro
Reneyes.. we do. but you will be up also in screen. there is a risk in cracking the screen in removing the battery and get replace
what is the version of the surface pro please?
Raymondone sec let me check
Surface Pro (5th Gen)
so at the moment my surface will only turn on if its plugged in to the power cable
and somehow it also seems that the processing is also very slow after this incident
Renelet me check this
Raymondok thank you
Renebattery installation (includes genuine battery) $300
If the screen breaks @ $600 (Total battery and screen)
with pickup and return service @ $40 (optional)
Raymondah I see. does the screen usually crack in the process?
And im not sure why the surface is slowing down after this battery incident. I wonder if any of the hardware is causing this issue and how much would it cost roughly to get those done
Reneyes.. it is usually cracks