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Surface Pro 7 not charging

IT Tools Pty LtdHi, Can I help? 
paul hi there anyone there
Hussyes how can I help?
paul Hey Huss I have a brand new surfce pro 7, and the there is something wrong with the charging cable.
I suspect the computer rather than the cable – i have tried two seperate cables, and one docking station, and none are charging the devie.
can you guys take a look?
Husswe can, but there is not much we can do on these. we can repair screens and some models dc jacks.
paul what is a dc jack – is that the power input?
HussHowever, when repairing the dc jack we have to go in from the screen which means the screen will crack and the repair will end up being costly. for new machines I suggest you go back to Microsoft
paul can’t do – all closed up THanks. Anyone else you know might have a crack?
HussAlso if your device is under warranty, I am sure MS will replace it free
if there are no physical damage
paul ok thanks