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Things your Mobile Phone has Replaced

You’d be hard pressed to find someone these days who doesn’t have a smartphone. In particular, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones are the most popular on the market. Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to imagine a life without them. But once upon a time, that life did exist. We decided to take a look at all the items that mobile phones have. Do these have replaced and the things that it may replace in the future for the first time.

Most Mobile Phone Features

– Some people will still buy a camera because there are only limited capabilities in your mobile phone. However, for the average person who just takes selfies to post on social media, they won’t need a separate camera.


– You no longer need a radio. You can simply download an App or visit an online radio station and listen to your favourite tunes and announcers. No more lugging around a separate device.

eBook reader

– Now this one actually confuses me. I love technology as much as the next person and I am never without my mobile phone. However, in reality, I just wouldn’t read a book on a screen. I’d still rather buy the physical book. Same with DVDs actually, which your phone has also replaced because you can now get them digitally.


– Most people will have a calculator on both their telephone, and their computer, so rather than needing to work out mathematical equations in your head, just grab your phone and away you go.

Landline phone

– The ironic thing here is that when mobile phones were first available, they were huge. You could not really take them anywhere. Not only that, they were just phones. Nowadays most people don’t really use their mobile phone as a phone. They use it as everything else, however it does still have that function.

Timer and watch

– You can easily tell the time now just by switching on your phone and checking it out. That saves you having to go out and buy another watch. You also no longer need to listen to one of those pesky alarm clocks. You can choose your ringtone when you have your alarm set up in your mobile phone.


– This is probably the most popular thing that people use their mobile phones for. Everyone tends to browse the internet on their mobiles. Mobiles haven’t completely replaced the desktop computer and never will (but that’s another blog in itself) but people will now check the internet on their mobiles simply because of convenience. It gives them something to read when they’re commuting to work or study.

Business cards and other cards

– Why would you take down someone’s business card or use an eftpos card when you can just use your mobile phone? It saves you carrying around other items.

Although all of these things make life more convenient, what would happen if one day you suddenly lost your mobile phone? I remember sitting in a university lecture when the iPhone was first announced by the late Steve Jobs and my instant thought was “what if you lose it? You lose everything.” I’ve never lost that though. It remains with me today.

So you’d better protect your phone. Have we missed anything off the list? Let us know by commenting.