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iPad: Why an iPads are better than the Kindle

The Kindle was introduced in November of 2007, just a few months after the first ever iPhone was released. Back when the Kindle was released it was a major innovation for its time. Gone were the days when you would need to carry around books. Gone were the days when you’d go to the library and find out you had a stack of late fees from your overdue rentals. Now, while we’re on this topic. I still have a heap of overdue fines from video rentals for now defunct video stores. I wonder what ever happened to them. Going back, You can just connect to the internet and bam! Away you go, you have all the books in the world right in the palm of your sweet little hands.

Of course, Kindle’s reign did not stay longer. Especially given the first iPad was available and developing in April of 2010.

The iPad would take what the iPhone did and turn it into what has essentially become a handheld computer. This is a topic for another blog though. Anyways, you see that iPad wasn’t the first touch device. No. Apple actually tried to develop a tablet back in 1987, however it relied on a pen and was just too far ahead of its time to be successful. Although, if you want to go back further, then the concept was first thought of in 1915 and first attempted in 1956.

So anyway, Apple created the iPad in 2010 and it became a hit. Some of that may be related to the late Steve Jobs’ charisma and ability to connect with an audience and sell a vision. Current CEO Tim Cook just doesn’t have that ability.

Both Kindles and iPads have their advantages and weaknesses. They’re both great products, depending of course on what you want to use them for.

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If you just want to read, then a Kindle is an excellent choice. You can carry your entire library with you in your bag. Travelling with Kindle is more convenient and baggage is definitely lighter.  A Kindle enables you to read as many books as you want without distraction.

Kindles design developed by Amazon are solely to be an e-reader. That means that destruction with the internet and other applications are minimize. Unlike if you are using an iPad, you will probably easily divert to gaming or browsing the net. The only application outside of being an e-reader that a Kindle has is the ability to download and purchase books. There are no other features. If some sorts easily distract you from reading something, then this is an excellent choice. Because, you can concentrate on just one thing.

Of course, if however you don’t feel as if you could justify buying a device with only one purpose, yet you want to read e-books, then an iPad would be a much better option. iPads give you access to the Apple and iTunes store. They also give you access to other applications such as Safari Internet browser) and all the other apps that come on an iPad. This gives you better value for money and ultimately you’ll get more use out of a device with greater functionality than one with just one purpose.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy a Kindle or would you prefer to buy an iPad?